A girly weekend break: 21st Birthday. Part 2

May 18, 2013

Saturday morning began in the very best way possible; Hannah and I were woken up by the sun pouring itself in such abundance into our attic room. 
The rays lightly warmed my skin and I rose beaming. Seemingly I had been promised that a very good day was ahead of us.

The only way to follow such a wake up call was with a relaxed breakfast enjoyed with the lovely girls and incessant chatter.

We spent a long time talking over refill after refill of cups of tea and, decadently, accompanied by fresh fruit of figs and grapes. I was beginning to think I could get quite used to this!

We finally prised ourselves away from the breakfast table, which I could have contentedly sat at all day, and headed out to the beach. Our plan was to follow a fairly long walk with the hope of catching sight of some seals. After trying to figure out the tide times so as to avoid getting marooned, we made our way to the beach. I took all the necessary provisions, (my backpack was full of the necessities which I hadn't disclosed to the others- I obviously questioned our ability to read tide times and feared for our survival), but they weren't needed. It's safe to say we did not get very far. Dressed in an alternative way to the other walkers who donned walking boots, anoraks, and hats, we pottered down in less than appropriate apparel. That being said, we had a wonderful time running around like excitable children. There's something about the sea air that induces the most contagious and persistent smiles.

A certain one of us just couldn't help having a little dip in the sea; the rest of us looked on not quite believing the insistence that the water was 'actually quite warm'.

Having spent a long while running around, chatting, and laughing, we returned to the village.

As English literature students, the second hand book shop, nestled in amongst the cobbled streets, was too tempting to resist. We had a good peruse and having overwhelmed the tiny bookshop, it was time for birthday cake and a cup of tea!

We enjoyed the tea and cake whilst watching Bridget Jones- I'm not sure it gets much better than that: friends, cake, tea, and some very tolerable eye candy entertainment.

We giggled away, anticipated all of the best lines, and made our preferences known regarding Colin Firth or Hugh Grant.
We finished off an incredible day with a pub meal with yet more fish. We then returned to the cottage for snuggling on the sofa for the rest of the evening.

...Part 3 to follow...
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  1. Sounds like you had the best weekend! Such a good idea to rent a little cottage by the seaside with some friends! x

  2. Very jealous of your gorgeous girly weekend! Friends, cake, tea & Bridget Jones sounds like heaven =) xx

  3. TeaDrinkingBookLover19 May 2013 at 15:29

    I honestly did, I can't remember having such a lovely time for a long while.
    Yes, it was completely Hannah's idea, but I would definitely recommend it. It's a nice thing to do for a slightly different Birthday celebration than the usual meal/ drinks :) X

  4. TeaDrinkingBookLover19 May 2013 at 15:53

    It was wonderful :) It's so good to realise that you don't need to go away too far to have a good time! X