When young dawn with her rose-red fingers shone once more

November 03, 2012

The mornings here have been crisp and the perfect remedy to a student's tiredness. 
The grounds are beautiful with their autumnal colours.
In fact, last weekend I had a morning stroll to get some fresh air before a long day of reading. There is nothing better than walking around before the world is awake, watching as the light shines down gradually encompassing everything.

I find these Willow trees so enchanting. In the morning sun the golden ringlets draped down effortlessly from their branches.

In finishing my walk I popped into the quaint village to pick up a freshly baked treat for breakfast.

I came back with a loaf of bread which I lavishly coated in butter, with a drizzling of honey. This was all enjoyed with a wonderful cup of English Breakfast tea.

It is on mornings like these that I know the day won't be too testing at all.

(For anyone interested the title refers to a line in the Odyssey)


  1. Beautiful post and photos!
    I have recently started my own lifestyle blog, and would love to her opinion on it, as you did such a great job with your blog! Keep it up


    1. Thank you very much :) I will be sure to have a look! X