A girly weekend break: Robin Hood's Bay. Part 1

May 17, 2013

Monday marked my wonderful friend Hannah's 21st Birthday.

The preceding weekend we were all treated to a lovely mini break. We packed up our possessions and crammed them into Hannah's car, we then folded ourselves into the now, slightly cosy, passenger seats. After a worthy road trip towards the North Yorkshire coast, with the breathtaking moors along the way, we found ourselves in Robin Hood's Bay.

We were all very excited and hastily made our way down the steep hill into the bay. We looked pretty ridiculous with our excess of luggage as we descended upon the quaint and picturesque seaside village.

Inevitably, having walked the length of the village, we found ourselves lost. 
When there's only one street, this is quite an impressive feat, it's possible that we provided just a little amusement to the locals. 

Having eventually found our way to the cottage, we all got settled in and enjoyed a well needed cup of tea whilst already feeling enamoured with the small amount of Robin Hood's Bay that we had wandered through.
After a busy day for some of the girls who had been in lectures that morning, and for Hannah who had driven us all, we headed out for a well deserved dinner.
We couldn't quite have anticipated the wonderful food that greeted us; there was a myriad of the freshest seafood dishes all of which caused a certain amount of food envy and absolutely satiated us all. (If you ever visit, you absolutely must eat at The Smugglers)
A couple of glasses of wine later- mussels, crab, prawns and salmon consumed- it was time to potter through the cobbled streets back to our idyllic fisherman's cottage.

Next, after rapidly appropriating our pyjamas, we enjoyed a glass of champagne. We toasted the weekend and Hannah's birthday before retreating to the sitting room.

This called for the card game, 'Blitz', followed by a round or two of Charades. Our competitive sides came out which soon precipitated a tired house of girls. It was time for bed in eager anticipation of the following day- when we managed to prise ourselves off the sofa that is.

... Day 2 to follow ...


  1. What a pretty place :) sounds like a lovely trip!


  2. TeaDrinkingBookLover19 May 2013 at 15:27

    It was so so pretty- it reminded me of parts of Cornwall. I love little seaside resorts like this. X