A girly weekend: Whitby. Part 3

May 21, 2013

On the last day of our lovely weekend break we resolved to head to Whitby, our main motivation? The renowned Fish & Chips at The Magpie Cafe.

We got up, got ready, grabbed a quick breakfast and then headed on our way to Whitby. It was a bit of a drizzly typical english weather type day, but that didn't stop us having the usual fun. When we got there we were already hungry so there was no distraction on the walk that led us straight to lunch.

After a short queue we sat down and ordered. I hadn't expected such a range of seafood dishes; we were lucky to have already chosen what we were going to have, else we could have been there all day deciding between all the fresh fish dishes.

After a very filling lunch we decided to explore the area a little, and chose to make our way to Whitby Abbey, (Dracula's castle.) Waddling up the hill, we did a little window shopping on the way. Some of us couldn't resist the charm of the old sweet shops, despite still being pretty full. Although after the seemingly endless 199 steps up to the Abbey I'm sure we deserved them. Having recovered from the strenuous exercise we turned around to what was a pretty impressive view.

We wandered around a little and, failing to find an entrance, decided that the only way to see the Abbey in its entirety was by climbing this wall.

Hannah made an attempt, that reduced us all to fits of laughter. Regretfully she didn't quite make it. I did, and I was able to see the gothic splendour of the Abbey, but I have no proof of that since I was far too absorbed by Hannah's performance to take a photo. 

We were all in that happy smiley place again after Hannah's little debacle. 

After a somewhat unsuccessful but enjoyable trip to the Abbey, it was time to head back to Robin Hood's Bay. The only problem is that what goes up, must come down. Yep, those stairs again.
Hannah, high on life, skipped down.

The rest of us opted for a more conventional descent.

199 stairs later we hopped into a taxi and returned to our fisherman's cottage for the last cup of tea. We packed up our things, bundled them into the car, and headed back to York.

The weekend was finished off perfectly with the road trip back home and Hannah's eclectic playlist: from Edith Piaf to Frank Sinatra.
We couldn't resist stopping off and gazing at the outstretch of moors. (unfortunately the photos aren't great since it was getting dark.)

And that was the end to an incredible weekend with the girls. It just goes to show that you don't need to go anywhere exotic to have such an unadulterated amazing time. All the elements necessary are right here on our doorstep: friends, the outdoors, delicious food, and tea- lots and lots of tea.
I'm already hoping that we can go on another trip soon based on the success of this one!

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  1. I've just read through all three of your girly weekend posts and it sounds and looks like the perfect trip away! You picked a beautiful spot and you clearly have your priorities right: food, friends, films, and exploring :) You've made me want to visit Whitby now!

  2. TeaDrinkingBookLover4 June 2013 at 11:48

    Awh thank you! You must have so many posts from everyone to catch up on now you're back from your break! It honestly was the perfect trip away. I had never considered the Yorkshire coast as a place to visit, but I'd definitely recommend it now- it's just like parts of Cornwall. X