Winter Warmers: Plum and Almond Cake

October 21, 2012

As the weather cools down nothing is more appealing to me than cuddling up on the sofa eating a freshly baked cake. My friend, Rosita, came round for dinner before I left and so I made this Plum & Almond Cake, (for pudding.) Unfortunately I can only reminisce about how lovely it was, rather than actively delight in it, as I am currently in my room frantically reading 'The Odyssey' between cups of tea, minus cake.
I chopped up the plums and laid them on the first layer of cake mixture, then covered them with the remainder of the mix.
After it had done it's rising, (about 30mins through the cooking) I placed a few of the remaining plums on top.


It was then generously sprinkled with icing sugar and ready to serve!
Caught in action: having a little taster, 
(just checking it was ok!)

Then it was time to enjoy our cake during Downton Abbey for a perfect relaxing and indulgent Sunday evening. 

Have a wonderful evening, whether you're having a relaxing one in front of the TV, or working for the upcoming week!

And unusually the main course to this meal will be featuring soon.. why conform to these conventional chronological constraints anyway?!

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  1. I need to have this cake RIGHT NOW. Looks delicious. Definitely going to try it soon! x