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October 14, 2012

... in a hazy blur of forgotten antics,  as is perhaps for the best

As I wrote this last night I could hear the chanting of a neighbouring group of newly formed friends with far more stamina than we have left. I have no doubt that I could hear the all too familiar, always regrettable, and completely irrevocable words,'chug chug chug' emanating from their kitchen. A kitchen in which they are excitedly gathered around a table. The floor has become adhesive when one attempts to take a step, 'squelch', the table inundated with alcoholic beverages, and every horizontal surface overflowing with dirty dishes.

It's Freshers' Week. In fact, Freshers' Week is nearly over, so I thought I would share my experiences.

It was my birthday early on and I was aptly cheered in at 12am with a group of intoxicated flatmates.
The morning after I was surprised with a cake, and a signed card!

Our themed night for the week was 'Slag & Drag' which was just as classy as it sounds.
Never have I ever had as much fun walking into H&M, picking out clothes, and watching males as they come out of the changing rooms thoroughly transformed into their female counterparts.

The girls went for a slightly more demure look with lots of lace.

During the week, an awful lot of alcohol was consumed, and our college tshirt - as the required apparel- worn on too many nights with its horrendous spills and juvenile scribblings.

Monday marks the first day of lectures. I cannot wait to get stuck into some reading, to wake up feeling fresh rather than urmm dizzy and possibly still tipsy, and to attend some societies' meetings.

I hope you're all having a lovely Sunday, hopefully not experiencing the onset of Freshers' Flu.

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  1. Ahh this reminds me of my good 'ol university days...enjoy it while you can, darling :)

    Stop by!