Uni life from a fresher in the North

October 05, 2012

Now it's time to wish goodbye to summer, to the South, to my family, to my friends, in exchange for the North of England, cold weather, student accommodation, lots of reading, and even more partying.
It's safe to say I cannot wait. I've known, for as long as I can remember, that I wanted to go to University and now it's time!

I've had a lovely summer full of wonderful moments:

walks, picnics, meals out, tennis, cocktails, celebrating my results, and luckily I have these memories to remember during the cold and long nights full of reading and essay writing.

lots of reading...

In truth, I can't wait to get stuck into some reading and working. Although I haven't been completely dormant, I do feel the need to achieve and to feel challenged. 
I am really keen to embrace all my new opportunities (as cliched as it sounds), and to meet as many people as possible.

This last week has consisted exclusively of packing, worrying that I've forgotten something,

enjoying my beautiful anniversary flowers from Joe before I have to leave them

and spending a nice last week with my family.

Tomorrow I'm moving in, as are all of my possessions, I only wish they'd take themselves up the stairs and unpack themselves like in some disney film!

Leaving the house, minus my clutter, it feels very bleak and desolate. Or perhaps it is tidier and slightly more minimalistic- I imagine that's what my parents would say anyway!

Goodnight from the Southern me,

and tomorrow morning it will be a Goodmorning from a newly adopted Northerner!


  1. Those flowers are beautiful! And ooo all those lovely books. I hope all goes well for you at uni and I wish you the best of luck! The North is lovely (coming from a fellow Southern's point of view ;)). Love your blog by the way, the pictures are lovely and so is your writing style, so I have most definetly followed you :)

    Love Becky xx

    1. Thank you very much:) Uni is going very well thank you, I have nearly got through all of those books already! Speak soon, Becky X

    2. Wow very welldone you, keep in the good work :) and you are very welcome xx