Summer Salad: Pea, mint and feta

July 09, 2013

I have been wanting to make a pea and mint salad ever since last summer when I sampled a supermarket one which was very much enjoyed, and gobbled up without much delay, on a picnic. It was the perfect refreshing, light, and healthy side dish.

Last weekend, as the sun was shining brightly that same salad was all I could think about. What's more we had two varieties of fresh mint in the garden- so there really was no excuse.

This is the recipe that I came up with in an attempt to replicate the shop-bought salad. It's not by any means complex, but sometimes simplicity is best!

Fresh garden peas,
Mangetout peas,
Green beans,
and Feta

Give yourself a little time with the peas as it is fairly labour intensive, but luckily quite fun and strangely satisfying.

For the dressing:
White wine vinegar,
Lemon juice,
and a little sugar if you fancy.

And there you have it. Yum.
Serve as chilled as possible for optimum crunch and freshness.
Perfect for a picnic, or to enjoy alongside a BBQ.

What is your favourite accompaniment to a BBQ?
Do you have a side that you always prepare if you're picnicking?

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