Christmas time festivities

December 27, 2012

This past month has been very busy.
Before I left York I had an amazing Winter Formal where we all dressed up, had a ride on the York Eye, and then headed to the beautiful venue for lots of wine, too much food and dancing all night long.

Then we had a floor Christmas Party back on campus which was slightly less glamorous and involved lots more drinking, Christmas jumper wearing, and Secret Santa present sharing.

Finally I took the long journey home for Christmas. I packed up all of my possessions and squeezed them into my bags. I enjoyed the frosty scenery on my way down to London. Next I proceeded to struggle through the tubes with my enormous bags, luckily with the aid of several kind people, before catching my last train home. 

Since then my days have consisted of being reunited with friends, working a few shifts, spending time with the family and eating lots. I started my holiday reading list with Dickens which was enjoyed immensely in the comfort of my own home, with an abundance of tea, clean surfaces, and a floor that doesn't adhere my feet with every step I attempt to take. Luxury.

Here are a few photos of the past days

 The first batch of mince pies!

 Christmas Eve seafood

  Feeling decadent with Roast ham for Christmas Day breakfast

Mulled wine
Which I am going to treat myself to a glass of now along with a night's worth of reading and relaxing. I hope you are all enjoying the holidays!


  1. All the food looks glorious! Hope you had a lovely time:)
    lets drive far away

    1. Thank you Poppy :) It really was. I love being at home for Christmas because I can help make the food, and have a nibble whilst it's being prepared!
      I hope you've had a very Merry Christmas X

  2. By the way: I also LOVE books :)

  3. Your Christmas looks seriously wonderful! <3 And those mince pies seriously have my mouth watering - nom nom nom!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

    1. Mum's Mince Pies are the best :)
      I hope you had a lovely Christmas and have a Happy New Year! X