Winter warmers: Leek & potato soup

November 23, 2012

As a child I was forever requesting this meal. A while ago my Mum let me into her secret. Now it's not necessarily the most artisanal way of getting to the end result, but I can testify that it works and tastes irresistible!

What you will need:

Instant potato,
Spring Onions,
A stock cube,
Cheddar (lots of it),


  • Sweat off the spring onions and leeks ensuring they don't gain colour
  • Add in your stock cube and then cover with boiling water

  • Now pour into a microwavable pot and cook for 10 minutes- or until the leeks are soft
  • Blend the ingredients with a stick blender
  • Add in instant potato mash
  • Continue blending until smooth
  • Season
Make sure to add in more water/ potato as required.I personally like it to be nice and thick, (for a maximum comfort food feeling), but if you're after a thinner consistency then adjust a little. I haven't specified amounts because it genuinely depends on how you prefer it, it's not a recipe concerned with being too precise.

Now here is the very important part: add grated cheese and bacon, (lots of it)

I mean it, don't hold back.
The soup is nice enough on its own, but what really makes it is the combination of these three ingredients together.
Enjoy with a nice thick slice of bread.
Perfect, filling, and a little naughty.

What is your favourite winter soup?


  1. Ah this looks absolutely amazing, I am a big soup lover come winter - perfect and toasty, and the fact that this has plenty of cheese and bacon makes it a winner in my eyes. (: xx

    1. It really is amazing. The only problem is that I can rarely find adequate supermarket Leek& Potato soup because it's just nowhere near as good!