London and its delights. Part 1. The Olympics

August 12, 2012

I was offered the opportunity to spend 10 days in the capital. If that wasn't enough, I also had the chance to explore London as much as I liked in my free time.  This was particularly appealing to me who lives fairly close to London, but is prevented from visiting frequently due to the cost of the transport to get there, and the other more readily accessible towns and cities such as Brighton. As a result, my previous time in London has almost exclusively been dominated by shopping- so on my list were a number of places to explore.
As already alluded to, the primary reason for my being there was the Olympics, and on the day of the closing ceremony it seems apt to begin recounting my adventures with this first stop on my list of destinations. So here goes with ..

number one.
The Olympics
..something unique to London solely this summer
I had the good fortune to see the park at 7am and 12am- I say good fortune, but that did involve 5am starts, so we'll leave that to your own interpretation of fortunate. This did allow me to admire it in all its golden glory throughout the whole day and night.
as did many other people..

This roller-coaster structure is called the Orbit. I'm pretty sure no one has any idea what it's for, given how many people have asked me. 
So, I will inform you incase you did wonder: 'Standing 115 metres high, the Orbit is the tallest art structure in Britain – offering stunning views over the Olympic Stadium, Olympic Park and the whole of London. Located in Orbit Circus in the south of the Olympic Park, the Orbit is London’s major new visitor destination – both during the Games and beyond.'  Read more here

The Park was truly something else in the evening.

What I have loved about the London 2012 Olympics is that it seems to have touched everyone in some way.  People have watched the torch go through their town, been interested/participated in the sports that have been on everyone's TV screens, travelled to Hyde Park to soak up some of the atmosphere, or been to the park itself.

As you might have seen in my previous post, I went to watch the men's hockey. India V Korea and Australia V Holland

 lots of Dutch supporters!

It was a wonderful experience so here are several photos to epitomise the loveliness

I will leave you all with this patriotic supporter, I wish you good tidings, and hope that you tune into the closing ceremony this evening- and of course Part 2 of London!

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  1. These photos are just lovely and it sounds like you had a brilliant time being involved in the Olympics.

    I've not really been that interested in the Olympics until this year but really enjoyed watching it this time. I watched the closing ceremony as an old friend was dancing with the royal ballet!

    Thanks for checking out my blog so that I could find yours in return :)