July 13, 2012

My boyfriend and I took a trip to Egypt
It was probably my most anticipated holiday ever given that I used it as motivation to believe that there really was light at the end of the melancholy and mundane, infinite, and dark exam tunnel.

Was it all that I hoped for and more? Well, in short, yes.
We went to Sharm El Sheik'h and after stepping off the aeroplane we instantly knew we weren't in Europe. Later we were to find out that we were neither in Africa, but, to our surprise, Asia. Thus many asian and arabian influences were immediately evident, and certainly made for a very different culture to any I have revelled in before.

Our days were spent basking in the sun, relaxing in the impressive pools, drinking tequila sunrises at the Beach Bar, snorkelling, and, of course, reading. 

We found ourselves this secret hiding place from which we had a delightful view and complete solitude.

The fish were incredible with a wide variety of colourful species: from the parrot fish, to a striking shoal- one which caused my boyfriend to fear for his life due to his small graze, from the day before, which had obviously attracted an unwelcome visitor in the form of a shark.. Meanwhile I enjoyed the turquoise company that swam elegantly underneath me taking in the sublime nature of the underwater world.

Of course it was then time for drinks, to calm his poor nerves and to cool down.
Enjoying a coffee on the balcony felt very sophisticated and was just as pleasurable as spending time at the pool side, but with the comfort of a little shade.We tried to fit in as much as we could whilst simultaneously relaxing a little. I say relaxing, but unfortunately, for my boyfriend, my alarm was set every morning before 8am- well we wouldn't want to waste the day would we!One morning we even got up to watch the sun rise at 4.30am, but I did allow us to return to bed. It was perfectly calm and silent.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable time, and can't wait for my next holiday. Egypt was a lovely place to visit and especially romantic and luxurious. It was wonderful spending a week away, and the company wasn't too bad either! It's just as well I'm back home now though as I have plenty of things to get on with and normality to grudgingly return to. Normality that means that I can drink as much of the tap water as I desire when brushing my teeth, consume copious amounts of Tea; but normality which doesn't allow for my hair or clothes to dry within minutes of being outdoors, nor for me to prance about in anything less than a jumper, jeans, a bobble hat and scarf, (well, almost!)

I hope that those of you who have been away, who are going on holiday, or those who are revelling in the delights of their own country, enjoy everything they get up to. I also wish that anyone who isn't holidaying has a lovely, or, at least, pleasant time- basically I wish that you are all well and happy.

..There's more from Egypt to follow!


  1. I love it there! glad you had a fabbydozy holiday :)

  2. My goodness, these pictures are beautiful! I have such a hankering to go to Egypt - I grew up in Dubai, lived there for 18 years, and somehow NEVER made the hop to Cairo or Sharm El Sheikh. Disgraceful! Luckily I have quite a nerdy historian boyf, so the pull of the Valley of the Kings is going to get to him soon. *cackle*

    1. Thank you so much Tamira! Wow, I've never been to Dubai though and nor did I go to Egypt for 18yrs- so I think you win!
      If you find the right place to go it's great, and there's Petra nearby for your boyf too! X

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment! I could send you a food package? haha
    Egypt looks amazing!

    1. No problem at all, and very well done for your graduation!
      Yes, I would genuinely love you, although I think one of us is joking more than the other! :P Le saucisson, de l'Emmental, la raclette, quelques crêpes, des fruits et légumes, la brioche, et des croissants, s'il te plaît :D

    2. Thank you so much! haha maybe I should start a business out of this!! Surtout pour le saucisson!!
      Oh and go ahead with the granola post, one cannot have too many granola recipes!!!

  4. hello! i think you might well be a new favourite of mine, i can tell. i'm so glad you had a good holiday - so jealous, i would have loved to have ended my exams with one but sadly launched myself in to full time work! sigh! you look glorious in your beachwear too, utterly envious. xxx

  5. beautiful pics!love your bikini!
    follow you!if you want check out my blog!

  6. I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! Your photography is just impeccable and your blog is simply the epitome of perfection! I am your newest, most avid follower, I look forward to reading your future posts. I would love it if you could perhaps follow me back too? Have a lovely day!

    Love from, MISSIFFA

  7. ah! beautiful, sunny!! you r looking great! i like ur bikini!